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And the Total Trauma award goes to….

Well well well…

It has been three years now – three whole years of people tolerating all the bullshit/pearls of wisdom/goofy spoofs on this blog….

There were moments of high seriousness, moments of complete boredom, moments of absolute unadultarated timepass…and chitty cat (former trauma queen/ former former tvnmcb) will continue to live up to the legend that is this blog (yes, I’m very modest)

The bad labelling shall continue, the pathetic attempts to be nightmarish and funny shall continue, the spoofs shall certainly continue, and the epiphanic moments of “I hate marriage and everything social” shall also continue (although in lesser frequency – hopefully)

Here’s wishing the assholes and uneccesary comments disappear! Hmm, strangely, ever since I changed my blogger name – they have!! Seriously, what’s in a blogger name? 😛

To honour this lowely blog of mine, I have decided to come up with some highly traumatic awards, based on real metrics. (yes I HAVE learnt something at work!) I have also decided to NOT write a post on why this blog is called ‘Total Trauma’ (those who know it, know it – those who don’t..too bad)

Let the ceremony begin

  1. Most read blogpost: Very Naughty Nursery Rhymes – I believe this gets me a hit a day. Yay! I also updated it just today.
  2. Most favoritest blogpost: Goodbye, Hello
  3. Most celebrated celebrity: Himesh Reshamiyya!
  4. Most searched sad story: Reena Virk
  5. Most commented blogpost: Pick Up Lines (41 comments)
  6. Long deestance fraansheeps: fondfire ❤ ❤ ❤
  7. Shorter distance fraaansheeps: frissko
  8. Blogger who gives me more attention than I deserve, by doing things like responding to my poyums by writing poyums for me: ąŝħĭŝħ
  9. Blogger I miss: autogato
  10. Blogger who missed getting the ‘your blog makes me see stars’ award post a blog-bath: the analog kid
  11. Bloggers I am to be liking – in my blogroll! If you’re not there – I don’t like you

And yes, I discovered – I love em bullets – bam bam!

First and Tracked

Crazy Chechi – this one’s for you!!

1. Do mallus eat red rice cos they are communists?
Mallu Colleague replies: and I suppose the congress party eats white rice?

2. Why can’t a bad doctor be called a quacktor? To call a fake doctor a quack is offensive to a duck. Do you think quacktors take the hypocritic oath?

3. I like to look at my reflection in people’es eyes. Eyes are after all, eye-nas.

4. With reference to the weather:
Whenever these Madrasis are depressed, us Bloreans are depressed too.
(This is not a PJ, it’s a sad joke – because it is about depression)

5. Is ‘Race’ a racy movie or a racist movie?
Udee: racy n saucy
Wiseman: I think it’s about race. And by that line of thought, his next movie should be called ‘Gender’

6. If hippies did the hop, can it be called the hip-hop?

7. I plan to make a movie on a lonely girl who is obsessed with football. The movie shall be called – Eleanor Rugby

8. If you are thrown out of a club, are you dismembered? And if they take you back in again – are you remembered?

9. Which supermodel is always in a soup?
Naomi ‘Campbell’


I’m still a corporate dirtbag.
Himesh came and went and I could not see the show.

Being a corporate dirtbag means working long hours, tolerating nonsense from american woman, service with a pretentious smile, commuting from one halli to another, n coming home to fight with everyone around me.

I’ve managed to log on to the secret network few folks at work know about, so to console my blogger friends who, I’d like to believe, were suffering from TQ withdrawal symptoms, I have composed the following blogposts in my head:

1. Clone Theory
3. 216
4. Bond Girl
5. Just In

ya I’m being so cool by only revealing the titles of the post….but now I am gonna play a fun game
(anj – “entertain me!”)

Try and figure out what each post might be about…let’s just call this game ‘word association’ for now..hehehe…I’ve been told I’m predictable…so this should be easy….

if that’s too boring, tell me what you want me to write about

As a reward, I shall …

sorry – no reward…I’m only looking to entertain myself.