No Mastercard moment this!

Phone calls with your sweetheart – 500 Rs.
Investing in personal care products that make you look/smell better – 1500 Rs.
Going to the salon for that big date – 2000 Rs.
Straightening/coloring your hair cos you got carried away at the salon – 3000 Rs.
Getting the perfect gift – 1000 to 3000 Rs.
Getting the perfect clothes for yourself – 2000 to 5000 Rs.
Fuel costs (auto fare/bike/car) – 250 Rs.
Doing all of the above over and over again cos you are in love – listed rates * 10

The expression on your face when you see your credit card statement – Priceless

The One

V days is round the corner and mush is in the air…

Often I hear people in love talking about ‘the one’….
“ooh I met this person….and I know for sure that s/he’s ‘the one’

While most people are curious to know ‘who’ the one is, I’d like to know
“What is the one?”

If A thinks B is the one, is it natural that B must think A is ‘the one’?
What if A thinks B is the one, but B thinks C is the one?

What if I think B is the one, but realize fifteen years from now that B was never the one…

What if A,B,C,D and E think F is the one? Wouldn’t F be more of a 1/5th than ‘the one’?

What if ‘the one’ for me is a sushi eating Japanese? or an eskimo? What are the odds of my meeting him/her?

Is there really ‘the one’? What if there is a two, a three..or even a seven?!

Is Jet Li ‘The One’???? 😉