Planet of the Wapes – part 2

This blogging has mighty powers!!!

I never knew about its reach and its effect till I started blogging.

Looks like my article on wapes (link) has created a worldwide interest in wapedom!
They took my backward devolution theory so seriously they went back in time and created an organization on wapes!

Read on: WAPES website

A sneak peak:
What is the purpose of WAPES?

The main purposes are to
– encourage contacts between the various member bodies (oookaay!!!!)
– promote exchange of experiences and information of the activities of the members (activities??? hmmm)
– encourage co-operation between members, especially between the more developed bodies and the less developed ones
(hahaha..that one really got me cracking!!!)

Yenjay madi folks! (spoons and knaves 🙂


Planet of the Wapes???

What is it with a guy’s obsession for getting laid???

Why is getting laid perhaps the greatest and most sought after achievement for a male?

You’d think that all humans strive to reach the top in Maslow’s order of needs, and all humans would include men right?
But how is it that all men inherently get stuck at level one – food, beer and sex. Are they daft enough to think that reaching the pinnacle of all human and psychological needs literally means “getting on top”????

Does it ever strike a guy that there is a life beyond getting laid?? That sometimes it is OK to think about women, without thinking of how she looks naked.

Is it some sort of pressure (call it peer/beer pressure if you may) that forces them to constantly yap about ‘to be or not to be laid’?

I’m convinced that half of you yuppies who keep talking about it, aren’t even doing it.
And even if you are doing it (yes I do blv in giving ppl the benefit of the doubt) you have to keep talking about it?
Rephrase: BOAST ABOUT IT LIKE UR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT? Do you actually have more respect for a man who has done it more often than others…honestly…stop thinking like the rest of the herd…..but do you?????

Even prehistoric/tribal cultures did not have such stupid parameters for judging how much of a man a man was. All he had to do was fight a bear or something.
Even he came close to Maslow’s model – get food, kill the bear, become the tribe chief blah.

But today’s man – if he says: “I got a promotion” his male friends would probably go “”

But if he said “I got laid”

Now I am deeply concerned about the male race’s fixation for getting laid, for I cannot help but think that devolution has begun….(devolution – evolution of the backward order)
Seen that movie ‘Planet of the apes’? something like that
And where do women come into the picture???? Is our future going to consist of wapes?
Wape – the offspring of a highly evolved woman and an ape.


Dear apes currently living in the bodies of human men: Pls do not allow this to happen. Pls stop DEVOLVING. Whatever happened to good old fashioned romance?…..waiting to listen to the voice of your loved one…or see her smile, or getting a rush by just holding her hand…wining and dining..(and wining n dining can be a lot more fun if you did not spend all your time thinking of the different ways by which you would apply the kama sutra, post the wine and the din)

Move on and start exploring the higher needs of life……

But what the heck! Will you even understand?