Why too much free music is bad

Ok so I love synthpop.
And I mean I love it love it love it.
And I don’t mind some amount of bitpop or chiptunes.
So long as it’s super geeky and I can do the robot and feel like I’m reliving the 80’s.
And so when you have sites like last.fm that encourage upcoming artists and free (legal) music – it’s just wowsome.
And yes, when it comes to synthpop – I don’t think twice – I just blindly download whatever comes my way.
And then I start to listen to my brand new collection of synthpop.
Only it seems to sound like a weird version of synthpop.
And then it turns out the artist of the song I’m listening to is ‘Bimbo Boy’
I smile at the name, and when I do my research on the net I come to know this is not synthpop, but gaypop.
Surprised by such a genre name (I never knew sexuality defined music genres), I continue to listen.
And then the music gets weirder and I visualize men in bunny costumes pole dancing.
And then the chorus comes and Bimbo Boy says “It’s like an earthquake when we get together”.
And I feel sick.
And I feel sicker cos I’m a semi-homophobe who cannot tolerate Bimbo Boy’s gaypop.

Help me



Afterthought on 19 May 08:

I put my ‘homophobia’ to the test… and listened to a few gaypop bands – they’re typically electronic bands whose music is like a combo of synthpop n bubble gum pop & I realsied this particular guy’s (bimbo boy) music was plain BAD.
There were sum other bands/dj’s (one called ‘Gay against you’) – n they were quite cool.

Bang! Bang!


I recently had the good fortune of going through my colleague’s highly traumatic Bappi Lahari collection – and you can imagine my joy and happiness when I came across the disco dancer collection. Who can ever forget Mithun Da’s Johny Travolta moves, Kalpana Iyer’s gyrating hips – and lets not forget the ultimate bolly-disco music that took India by storm.

However, what’s more interesting than all of the above is doing a dissection of the popular opening song – the title being – err – ouwa ouwa? or is it bang bang? or naache naache?

Perhaps this is the only instance where a bollywood cover has surpassed the original (this song is a rip off of ‘video killed the radio star’)

But the lyrics – damn those lyrics – what on EARTH do they mean??

listen to the song (second one on the list)

do u know why she keeps saying bang bang?
or why they say sui sui? what on earth is sui sui???
or why lootofying a khazaana is followed by a bang bang?
or why she says tumse hain tumse pyaar instead of mujhko hain tumse pyaar